Dear community members, neighbors, and friends,
You were promised updates on SAVE 222 CHURCH. Here is the latest!
-        We have delivered 150 lawn signs throughout our Cheltenham community. 
-        Over 2,000 people have signed our petition.
-        Many of you have contacted our 7 Cheltenham commissioners through email, phone calls, texts, letters or in person.
-        At the last Zoom meeting on April 20th many community members (over 100) participated voicing their concerns and opposition to the development. Even after informed community members, lawyers, and engineers shared researched facts about negative results the development would bring to the area, 5 of our 7 commissioners voted in favor of the development.  Please note that this was a PRELIMINARY VOTE, which can change.
-        It is important to point out that 2 of our commissioners, Ann Rappoport in Ward 4 and Irv Brockington in Ward 7, took the time to research and learn about this proposal. They voted against the development! These two commissioners are to be commended for getting involved, taking the time to do their homework, and going above and beyond the call of duty to protect their community from destructive development.
-        Since the last Zoom meeting, an appeal has been filed. You can view the appeal by clicking here:

Starting at number 23, you will find the arguments against this development.
-        Read the appeal and learn the facts.
-        Contact your commissioners again! They need to be reminded that we are still against this development. Keep the pressure going! You can ask them to confirm receipt of your message! 
-        Sign the petition if you have not already. 
-        Lawn signs send a strong message. Pay attention to your lawn sign and keep it standing up strong and tall! If it needs repair, please ask for assistance. We can get you a new metal support for your lawn sign. 
-        Borrow and include quotes from the appeal to use as arguments when contacting your commissioner.
-        The concern over damage due to flooding in the area to homeowners’ properties.
-        The concern for health of the wetlands on the property and its close proximity to the development.
-        The SALDO rules established by the township that must be followed.
-        What happened to Cheltenham Township’s “Sustainable Cheltenham” pledge?  
-        Destruction of established wooded areas, natural habitats to many animals in Elkins Park.
-        Elkins Park has been developed enough! Preserve Cheltenham's precious green spaces. 
-        Harrison Avenue, Gerard, Cedar, Mill, Fairview, and Church and High School Road homes, you will experience more traffic if the development goes through. Let your voices be heard!
-        Ashbourne's development is already building many new houses for Elkins Park, a few blocks from 222 Church. Do we need more?
A note especially for Cheltenham residents… Please continue to speak with neighbors, friends, and family and remain actively involved and vocal. 
Your voices are always essential!
Onward and with gratitude,
Save 222 Church